What people are saying about Dr. Faye Coleman

“I was quite skeptical of the value of coaching when I first began with Faye. As a sole proprietor starting a new consulting practice, I have limited time and financial resources to devote to anything but building my business. Faye’s professionalism and executive coaching expertise quickly changed my opinion. Faye helped me clarify my vision for my company by guiding me through a process where I considered bigger issues—like how integrating my life’s purpose, work/life balance, and core values could help energize and focus my next steps in the near- and long-term. In short, Faye’s coaching expertise was invaluable!”
Michelle Graham-Hicks

President, Graham Strategic Solutions

“I have the utmost respect for Dr. Faye Coleman. She is a respected leader in the women’s business community who has built an outstanding business, shown leadership at the local, state and national level, and gives back to mentor and support other women in business. Faye has served on the Enterprising Women Advisory Board for many years and is a trust advisor and friend. I highly recommend Dr. Faye Coleman.”
Monica Smiley

Publisher, Enterprising Women Magazine (and Founder, Enterprising Women Foundation)

“Faye is one of the most composed, competent professionals who has ever entered the business stage.  Just meet her, work with her, and you will always want to be in touch with her.”
Marilyn D. Johnson

Former Vice President for Market Development, IBM

“I highly recommend Faye Coleman. I was hesitant to commit to her Executive Coaching Services. Mostly because I did not know exactly what that meant. But what I did know is that, after 20 years of running a multi-million dollar small business- I was stuck. Really stuck. Faye was gentle and understanding. She did not try to over sell her services; she simply listened to me and explained the benefits of her expertise. Finally, I made the decision to receive executive coaching.

Each meeting with her moved me closer to my goals, and helped to free me from my anxieties, poor decisions, and ‘all over the place’ management style. She gently guided me and held me accountable and reminded me of what it was I said I wanted in my life. Her professional expertise ( Ph.D.) is evident. Her goal is not to help you make money- her goal is to help YOU. Once you have clarity and focus- your business will grow and be profitable, you will grow, and if you are like me- you will find peace.

I am recommending Faye to my sister-friends-entrepreneurs. You have the time. You have the ability to invest in her services. Stop making costly mistakes. Stop being alone. Stop hiding behind the image of being a successful entrepreneur. We all struggle as entrepreneurs. We all need to focus. We all need guidance. You are not alone. If you have been praying for HELP on the journey as an executive – consider Faye as the answer to your prayers.”

Hester Clark

President/CEO, Hester Group

“Faye Coleman’s strategic coaching to help us get women entrepreneurs much more deeply embedded in the innovation ecosystem has been nothing short of brilliant.  Her piercing questions force you to think very deeply about how to create significant impact with your work. She has helped us crystalize several strategies that will be game changers by carefully examining gaps, obstacles and our articulation of differentiators. Faye has been worth her weight in gold to us in positioning FutureForward, a strategic initiative of Quantum Leaps, Inc.”
Virginia Littlejohn

Co-Founder and President, Innovation and Strategic Initiatives, Quantum Leaps, Inc., and Karen Maples, Chief Catalyst, FutureForward, A Quantum Leaps Initiative

“Faye is extraordinary in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin. She was/is committed to helping other women succeed in business and became a Board Member of the National Women’s Business Center where she guided the organization in meaningful, productive directions. She is a fantastic role model for businessmen and women as she runs a top-notch company that does a lot of good in this country and in the world. I greatly admire her intellect, her commitment, her grace and her stature. She is an achiever of the first order and, above all else, a truly wonderful woman.”
Beth Cole

Former CEO, National Women's Business Center

“I have known Faye Coleman for almost 15 years and cannot be strong enough in my endorsement of her. Faye is the consummate professional, both in her exceptional knowledge and skills and also in her ability to interact graciously and powerfully with people from all walks of life. She is smart, organized and effective. When you work with her, you can count on getting the best.”
Howard Ross

President and CEO, Cook Ross, Inc

“Dr. Faye Coleman has proven to be an insightful, intuitive and thoughtful business coach. An active listener who was able to quickly get to the heart of the matter, Faye, in a compassionate yet challenging way, provided a safe place to really explore what was going on with me and helped me identify and work through deep inner blocks that were preventing me from achieving my goals. I feel truly lucky to have been able to work with Faye and would recommend her without hesitation”.
Lidia Buzek

Founder, Ubulifecoaching