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Executive Coaching

Executive or business coaching is a process that elicits the optimal potential that lies within everyone–empowering them to realize their goals. Trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), Dr. Faye Coleman assists business and association executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders of non-profit organizations to unlock their inner potential, and fully engage their intuitive abilities. This is done by emotionally connecting her clients’ inner purpose and passion to their outer goals and strategies to create extraordinary and sustainable results.

Transition Coaching

Dr. Coleman works with individuals transitioning to the next phase of their careers, or to retirement, by helping them connect their inner passions and personal values to their outer goals, and uncovering the unique pathways toward the satisfaction they seek.  The process of fully engaging the confluence of intellect and intuitive abilities allows individuals to lead a purposeful, balanced, and emotionally satisfying life.

Diversity Training

Through interactive workshops, training sessions and technical assistance engagements we help organizations fully embrace the inherent benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and we equip them with the strategies necessary to realize those benefits through increased productivity and total workforce engagement.

Organizational Change Management

Recognizing that the only constant is change, FEC Enterprises helps organizations navigate the often turbulent dynamics associated with organizational growth and change. Through self-inquiry and intuitive discovery techniques, we help organizations uncover the root causes of resistance to change, and develop effective strategies to break the cycle of resistance.

Retreat Facilitation

FEC Enterprises applies cutting-edge facilitation skills to help senior management teams, boards of directors, and corporate strategic partnerships conduct strategic planning retreats and goal-setting sessions that successfully achieve the goals they seek.

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