Most successful business leaders understand the importance of effective teamwork in  creating lasting success. Workplace team productivity is especially critical during times of heightened uncertainty, such as the current global pandemic. When organizations are forced to abandon their normal workplace practices to adhere to “social distancing” mandates, baked-in team effectiveness can “make or break” their chances for long-term survival. 

Take a look at the following list, and ask yourself how many of these 6 key ingredients for productive team engagement are reflected in your workplace?

  1. Team member roles are defined, and all team members contribute to developing, communicating, and supporting effective ways to solve problems.

  2. There is a high level of interdependence among team members, and each member of the team is committed to achieving the desired results.

  3. Each team member is capable and willing to contribute information and skills that enable the team to collectively achieve its purpose, without judgement or competition.

  4. Each team member knows that they can positively influence the team agenda, and there is a climate of trust that facilitates open and honest communication.

  5. The important team goals are clear to members, and they agree that the performance targets, although challenging, are ultimately achievable.

  6. Team members are encouraged to create and share new ideas through group interaction, because they know that good ideas will be followed up on, and “innovative risk-taking” will be rewarded.