As a certified professional coach, I routinely encounter business owners and others who are skeptical about the benefits of executive coaching. They often ask, “what can a coach do for my business that I can’t do myself?”. When I get this question, the first thing I do is point to the evidence. In a recent survey of over 200 business leaders who used coaches, the International Coach Federation found that:
  •  Over 60% of respondents said that coaching improved their goal-setting skills;
  • More than half of them said coaching reduced their stress levels, and
  • Over a quarter of them said that coaching resulted in more income for their organizations.
Coaching is designed to raise awareness, inspire action and create accountability for achieving the results you are seeking, for your organization, and your life. So, if you’re stressed out from constantly struggling with the daily challenges of running your business, or your non-profit organization, contact me to learn how coaching can provide the lifeline to the sustainable success that you’ve been searching for.